Why ICS?

Why is ICS the preferred choice for expat, embassy and NGO families across the board, and why is it the best choice for your family? Here are the top reasons our community gives for choosing ICS above other international schools.

A "Gold-Standard" Curriculum

We teach the English National Curriculum (ENC), which is modified to our local and international context; all teaching is conducted in English by English-speaking, UK-Qualified teachers, and students study a broad and balanced curriculum that draws on the best of British, Jordanian and international education. 


In the British curriculum, our senior students study for the IGCSE and A Levels, the gold standard of pre-university qualifications worldwide, but many students also take the SAT and commonly apply for undergraduate schools in the USA, Europe and Canada. Many international families switch to the British curriculum because of its transferability and competitive nature for university entry, in addition to its advanced milestones in lower primary, for example, learning to read in earlier on.


A School with a Heart

ICS is known in Jordan for the vibrancy of its inclusive, warm and active community of parents, students and staff. As the global home of #themonalisaeffect, our unique brand of personalised learning, ICS ensures that the entire learning experience is tailored to the strengths and needs of each individual student.


Inclusivity is enshrined in all that we do, and we are proudly inclusive in meeting the needs of all our learners with a wide spectrum of ability and need. Every year our students gain access to world-leading universities including Oxford, Cambridge and US Ivy League Universities.


Put simply, every child at ICS can succeed and thrive. 

A Not-for-Profit School

As an independent, non-profit organisation, 98% of whose income comes from tuition fees, we are proud of the fact that every dinar of your fees goes directly to improving the provision from which your child benefits every single day. Our stakeholders are our students and greater community.

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Owned by the Community

ICS is an independent and private organisation owned by the Society for the International Community in Jordan (SICJ), which is comprised of its parent and staff body, Board members are nominated members of the ICS community and are elected by the SICJ every two years, ensuring that ICS' leaders and overall development is directly related to the changing needs of our dynamic community.


World Class Pedagogy

As a school, we practise some of the best pedagogies in the world, like the Emilio Reggio's "100 Languages of Learning" in Early Years to hybrising proven pedagogies in secondary education that puts student voice, short term goals, long term learning outcomes and higher order thinking at the forefront of our curriculum, so students get the best out of every lesson.

More About our Curriculum
“Teachers at ICS commit to developing the whole child to their full potential. We do this  by building strong relationships with our students, by making learning fun and highly effective and by adapting our approach to their individual interests and needs. Their well-being is at the heart of everything we do “

- Susan Havis

    Secondary Headteacher


Purpose-Built Campus

Spanning an area of seven acres, our purpose-built campus offers a wide variety of facilities and resources that combine a world-class education with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The campus boasts the full selection of attractive and specialist facilities necessary to meet the needs of a 21st century British curriculum. We have begun the construction of a brand suite of facilities including a sports hall, swimming pool, theatre and Early Childhood Centre that will be completed over the next couple of years.

Helpful Resources

There are myriad resources available both to prospective and existing parents helping them to the answer pressing questions they may have when deciding on the right school for their children. These resources include frequently asked questions, Key Stage prospectuses and our 360 Virtual Tour.