Learning in Key Stage 2 is a continuation of the excellent foundations laid in Key Stage 1, with students increasingly taking responsibility for their learning and striving for personal excellence. In an age-appropriate manner, students are encouraged to understand and empathise with contemporary issues, building their knowledge and learning for a purpose. 

Strong relationships between students and staff continue to be fostered through the supportive environment of a homeroom with a class teacher while specialist staff teach PE, Performing Arts and Languages. All students have access to a Chromebook and under supervision, access a range of platforms, sites and applications that enhance their learning. Digital citizenship is explicitly taught in order to prepare students to interact in an increasingly complex digital world. 

(Students in Key Stage 2 have additional opportunities to identify and explore areas of interest and expertise through a weekly Challenge Hour session, engaging in learning about topics, ideas and skills that might not be normally included during their regular curriculum time. An emphasis on rich literary experiences continues throughout all year groups.

Photo of student performing on stage

As students approach Secondary School, an emphasis is placed on independence and preparation for the transition ahead of them. Close collaboration between Primary and Secondary pastoral teams ensure a smooth but exciting transition into the next chapter of learning.