We believe academics go beyond the classroom and incorporate opportunities for learning and growth in everything we do from co-curricular activities, sports, community events and more. Our academic foundation revolves around three pillars: high-quality learning, intercultural learning and global citizenship.

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High-Quality Learning 

High-quality learning at ICS is built upon a carefully sequenced and research-based curriculum; taught in an engaging, challenging, and inclusive way. Learning is centred around our values and students are enabled to acquire the skills needed to take ownership of their learning. Our students are empowered to transform their world.

Intercultural Learning

Intercultural learning is an ongoing, life-long process promoting curiosity, discovery, and wonder. We develop an intercultural understanding by learning to value our own and others’ cultures, languages and beliefs. This approach empowers us to understand other perspectives, whilst empathising and engaging with diverse cultures, in respectful ways that recognise commonalities and differences in order to positively contribute to society.

Global Citizenship

We are global citizens who are empowered to understand and take positive action to support societal needs, making a difference in our local, national, and global community. We work on building our own core competencies, our values, and our understanding of contemporary issues. We use the power of human connection, and our communication skills to have a voice and make a difference in the world.

These pillars define the kind of student that graduates from ICS and carries these qualities with them wherever they may go in the world.

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Self Directed

We are self-directed, intellectually curious learners who find joy in striving for a purpose. As determined problem solvers, we are motivated to build our knowledge and challenge our thinking. 

Creative Thinking

Courageous in their thinking, ICS students see problems as opportunities for personal growth, our creative minds are brave; adaptable, and resilient. We are fearlessly determined to take risks and celebrate meaningful new ideas in order to achieve goals that make a difference. 

Global Citizens

ICS Students are diverse and sustainable thinkers who embrace inclusivity. They understand and empathise with contemporary issues. Using the power of human connection, they; actively engage with others, promote equity, and are positive change makers. 

Principled Learning

Guided by our ethical core we act with integrity demonstrating compassion, kindness, and respect for all. We understand and take responsibility for our actions.