School Fees

The International Community School in Amman, Jordan (ICS) requires all fees for the following year to be paid in full by 1st March 2020 by either cash payment, bank transfer or by post-dated cheques. The parent of the student(s) remain responsible for the timely payment of invoices, even in cases where a third party, such as a company, is making the payment.

Fee Schedule 2020/2021

Tuition Fees (Including application and registration) 2020/2021

1. Application Fee:

A non-refundable application fee of JOD 150 (US$ 212) is required for each individual pupil upon submitting the application form.


2. Registration Fee:

A non-refundable registration fee, required for each of the first two children in any
family is due in full before the pupil joins the school. Pupils joining in EY1 and EY2 will
pay half of the registration fees on joining and the second half will be paid when the
pupil joins Year One. The 3rd child thereafter will have the registration fees waived, as
will any child returning to ICS.

3. Tuition Fees:

Full tuition fee payment for the 2021-2022 school year is required before 15 February 2021 by cash, bank transfer or by post-dated cheques. Families may pay the tuition fees in three separate instalments if submitting by post-dated cheques; cheques must be submitted together as per the following deadlines: 15 February 2020; 15 August 2020; and 15 December 2020. 

4. Bus Fee:

Where parents would like to make use of the school bus service, a non-refundable bus fee is paid either  by cash in advance for the whole year or at the beginning of each term.

One-Way bus fees

JOD 311  Per Student, Per Term

Round-trip bus fee

JOD 430   Per Student, Per Term

5. Supervision Fees:

A non-refundable after school supervision fee is paid either by cash in advance for the
whole year or before each term starts.

One hour per day

JOD 100   Per Student, Per Term

Two hours per day

JOD 200  Per Student, Per Term

6. Lunch Fee

A non-refundable lunch fee is paid either by cash in advance for the whole year or
before each term starts. The school’s canteen will provide breakfast and lunch for
registered students.

Registered Students

JOD 306  Per Student, Per Term

Fees Payment Policy 2020/2021

7. Conditions of Payment for the School Fees:

Payment of all fees may be made in Jordanian Dinars or US Dollars, in which case we
apply the current official middle exchange rate of USD against JOD (.708). The school’s
bank details will be shown on your invoice. Extra charge for US$ cheques/credit cards
is required.


8. Examination Fees:

Exam fees are not included in the school fees. (I)GCSE, 'A' Level and BTEC exam fees are paid separately when required.

9. Textbooks and School Activities:

Text books, where needed, are provided by school. The costs of optional trips, special
courses, uniform, extracurricular activities and summer camp fees are payable

10. Tuition Discount Policy:

A 25% discount on tuition fees is awarded to the 3rd child and 50% to the subsequent children from one family attending the ICS.

11. Learning Support (LS):

Any Learning Support fees are paid in addition to the tuition fees. Any changes in the
level of support after assessment will be reflected on the invoice.

12. Notification & Payment of Annual Fees:

The invoice for the annual school fees at ICS will be issued in the month of January, at
the start of Term 2. Full tuition fees payment is required by the 15th February 2020 by
cash or bank Transfer. Paying by post-dated cheques is the only way to delay your
payment. All three should be submitted together before the deadline . Post-dated
cheques can be dated as February 15th , August 15th and December 15th , 2020 . If USD
cheques are submitted, then a charge of JD 70 will be collected upon the receipt of
each cheque. A place in the school in September 2020 will NOT be confirmed until the
above payment(s) has or have been received.


Pupils will not be admitted to their classrooms on the first day of the new academic
year 2020-2021 unless full payment is made.


13. Payment for Parts of the Term:        

The minimum payment for any period of a term will be 50% of the whole term fees.  For any period in excess of six weeks in any one term, the fees for the whole term will be payable.

14. Refunding of Fees:               

Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. The School requires two full term’s
written notice
of withdrawal. Written notice that a pupil will leave at the end of a term
must therefore be received by the Director of Finance and Business before the
commencement of the period above. If information about leaving is received after the
first day of that term, the school reserves the right to charge two extra terms fee in lieu
of proper notice. This withdrawal policy is applicable in all cases including political and
natural force majeure. Any refund is subject to 5% administrative fees.


15. Non-Payment of Fees:  

If the parents fail to pay the school fees before the start of the academic year/term, the
son or daughter shall not be admitted. The School reserves the right to accept new
pupils from the waiting list, in place of existing pupils, if no payment of fees has been
received by the 15th February 2020.
If an outstanding balance has occurred during the
course of the year, after being so reminded, the child shall not be retained in the school
and their termination shall be final and without prejudice to the right of the school to
claim the unpaid school fees.

16. Parents and home agreement:

The admission process will not be considered complete until the parents sign the Home
School Agreement.



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