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Now Accepting Three Year Old Children

Due to increasing demand for our Early Years provision, and in advance of the construction of our new Early Childhood Centre in the next couple of years, we are delighted to be able to make an ICS Early Years education available to younger children.


From this year, parents will be able to apply to enrol their child in the term following their third birthday. *Please refer to the dates below

Children will, therefore, remain in our Early Years 1 class (formerly FS1) for up to five terms, depending on the age at which they begin. Our highly skilled and experienced Early Years teachers and assistants will continue to ensure that the developmental, learning and wellbeing needs of all their children are met at all times. We will also retain the excellent adult:child ratio our Early Years children currently enjoy.

When can my child join?




Children will continue to be eligible to join our EY1 class now, and would typically then move into EY2 the following year.





1 September - 31 December

Children will now be eligible to join our EY1 class at the beginning of Term 2 (January 2020), and would remain in EY1 for a total of five academic terms.




1 January- 30 April

Children will now be eligible to join our EY1 class at the beginning of Term 3 (May 2020), and would remain in EY1 for a total of four academic terms.


Stage Curriculum

In the Early Years, our curriculum is based on the Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework from the UK, modified for our local and international context, and drawing on the very best of global practice and pedagogy. We keep a close and caring eye on each child to ensure they fulfil their potential in a supportive and nurturing environment. Foundation subjects are taught through six half termly Topics that drive the focus of the curriculum. The class teacher teaches the majority of the curriculum. English and Mathematics are taught both as discrete entities and as linked units to the half termly Topic work.

Our Early Years curriculum provides your children with a range of skills to build the right foundation for their future progress. Throughout their journey, our practitioners focus on the seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language - how your child listens, understands, communicates and develops vocabulary and speech;

  • Physical  Development - how your child moves and uses gross motor skills, develops fine motor skills and learns about healthy living;

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development - how your child develops confidence, manages their feelings and behaviour, makes friends, shares and manages self care independently;


  • Literacy - how your child enjoys using books, learns to write and explores sounds;


  • Mathematics - how your child learns about numbers and counting, recognises the passing of time and explores measures, capacity, shape and space through play;


  • Understanding the World - how your child finds out about nature and the world around them and talks about people in their local community;


  • Expressive Arts and Design - how your child enjoys being creative, plays imaginatively, sings, dances and makes music and expresses themselves.