At the International Community School, we take our community seriously. Always thinking ‘beyond self’, our students, staff and parents work tirelessly to benefit, sustain and support our local, regional, national and global communities in everything we do.

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The World in One Classroom

At ICS, we are proud to be one of the most international of international schools in the region. As the school of choice for embassy and NGO families throughout Amman, and with over 50 nationalities every year, we can honestly boast ‘the world in one classroom’. With this diversity comes a sense of global citizenship which truly sets us apart, and fuels our determination to advocate for, and live by, the Global Goals.

Polio Points

At the forefront of our community service is Polio Points, our groundbreaking student reward programme which incentivises student achievement through humanitarian aid. Founded in Brunei Darussalam, under the patronage of HRH Princess Sarah, Polio Points turns student reward on its head, and puts each student in the driving seat, enabling them to ‘be the change’ (Mahatma Gandhi) or the ‘hummingbird’ (Wangari Maathai) that rescues and fortifies future generations.

Saving Lives Every Day

We are a values-driven school, and every time a student exemplifies one of our seven Core Values, they are awarded with a ‘Polio Point’. For every four Polio Points they earn, we purchase a Polio vaccine, through our close liaison with Rotary International, UNICEF and the World Health Organisation. Put simply, when an ICS child does well, they save a life. This simple equation is irresistible to the ICS community, and helps us all, daily, to #makethepoint.

The Food Fair

The highlight of the Amman social calendar, the annual ICS Food Fair is a phenomenon to be witnessed. Hosting thousands of visitors every year, this model of internationalism and community spirit raises significant amounts of money to support our many community initiatives, and enables us to fulfil our duty to those less fortunate than us. The whole city seems to come together with the same goal, and there is no louder and prouder symbol of the ICS community at its best.

Parent Staff Association

Our PSA is unique in that our bylaws require that at least 40% of their income has to support charitable causes. As a result, our dedicated team of PSA volunteers works tirelessly every year to find ways to have a demonstrable and sustainable impact on the disabled, the disadvantaged and the disempowered. In addition, our commitment to a number of charities championed by the Jordanian Royal Family, and, in particular, our Royal Patrons, HRH Prince El Hasan bin Talal and HRH Princess Sarvath El Hassan, roots us proudly in Jordanian soil.

Student Voice

Our unique, Student Voice programme takes their community service very seriously indeed. Both Primary and Secondary schools have a Student Voice Community Team, which works closely with our full time Community Coordinator to ensure that, at our heart, it is the students themselves who spearhead and steer our charitable work. Showcased in our annual Community Conference, their efforts make a palpable difference to families and children throughout Jordan every single year, and really do #makethepoint.