ICS is the global home of #themonalisaeffect, our unique brand of personalised learning which ensures that the entire learning experience is tailored to the strengths and needs of each individual student.

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The Data Triangle

We believe that every child is a unique blend of attitudes, aptitudes and prior attainment. We call this the ‘data triangle’, and it informs every step of a child’s learning journey at ICS. In collaboration with GL Education, the world's leading provider of assessment tools for schools, we conduct a series of sophisticated, standardised assessments with all of our students, in order to gain an holistic, broad and deep understanding of every child.


We use the Progress Test Series, a brand new suite of standardised attainment tests, which assess students' current knowledge, skills and understanding in English, Maths and Science. Students are measured against their peers worldwide, providing a detailed and contextualised analysis of their current academic level in these core subjects.


The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is a groundbreaking aptitudinal assessment which provides a detailed profile of each child's conceptual ability and cognitive function. The results enable us to reveal, understand and unlock their true potential, and tailor their entire learning and teaching experience to their individual needs and strengths.


Finally, our use of the Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey gives us an insight into the attitudes and mindset with which each student approaches every day at school. Armed with this information, and as a #wellbeingfirst school, we can understand what it is like to be them, and address any difficulties or problems before they become too big.

Beneath the Mask

We believe that every child wears a number of masks in order to survive amid the manifold pressures on children today. For today’s international school student, often learning in a different language, and moving from school to school, this can be even harder. We aim to dig for the treasure beneath each child’s masks. Once we know what lies beneath, we can aim to tailor their entire learning and wellbeing experience for them.


We call this ‘The Mona Lisa Effect’. Just like Lisa Gherardini, casting her gaze on every single visitor to the Denon Wing in the Louvre, so do we aim to ensure that the learning is actually looking directly at each child in our school. In this way, we aim to ‘Mona Lisa’ everything that we do. And, increasingly, schools, and school leaders, around the world are asking us how we do it.