Sport Facilities

At ICS, we have a wide range of sport facilities which enable us to offer a diverse PE curriculum, as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities. Our facilities consist of both indoor and outdoor spaces specifically designed for the delivery of an inclusive sports program.

Outdoor Spaces

We have a 3rd generation Astroturf sports field designed to suit all ages which has the best quality of artificial grass. This ensures we can offer a variety of sports throughout  the year while maintaining the highest level of student safety.

To compliment our all-weather sports pitch we also have an expansive hard court area which allows for the delivery of a variety of sports such as volleyball, handball, tennis and basketball at the same time.

Indoor Space

Our indoor facilities include 4 spaces that are able to host of physical education activities, as well as large group activities when we encounter extreme weather conditions. These spaces mean we are able to offer parkour, gymnastics, exercise & health, dodgeball and dance lessons.

The four spaces consist of  the Primary MPH, Secondary MPH, Group Workout Room and our Gymnastics Hall with non slip sports surface.


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