School Facilities

At the  International Community School in Amman, Jordan (ICS) we have a range of facilities which ensure the well-being and safety of our students and staff members. The school facilities include the school Cafeteria, medical suite, and, the Library. (4).jpg


The cafeteria at ICS offers a wide range of food lists that are revised monthly to ensure the provision of healthy balanced and nutritious meals. The food is freshly cooked and prepared each day; this includes daily cooked hot meals, freshly prepared sandwiches, freshly prepared variety of salads, freshly baked pastries, and, fresh fruits.

The cafeteria accommodates up to 200 people. Outside normal school hours, the cafeteria can be utilised by the students, their parents or staff for their private events.

Medical Suite

The Medical Centre works on a daily basis to improve students’ health. An experienced full-time nurse is available at all times during school hours as well as after-school sports activities. A doctor is also present 6 hours a week throughout different days. They attend all emergencies at the school and also advise the school personnel and take appointments with specialist doctors when needed. The school clinic follows appropriate procedures when a student is sick or has had an accident; the student is treated at the centre or sent to the hospital, depending on the situation. Parents are informed and advised on how to proceed over the following days.

Yearly examinations of height and weight are conducted on all students in order to follow-up and keep records of their growth process, as well as hair and vision check-ups. These records are important as they help us identify which students require special attention.

library wellbeing books.jpg

School Library

The ICS Library boasts a space of 400 meters, designed to fit approximately 80 students. It is home to over 25,000 English books along with a section for French and Spanish books. In addition, there is a small library for Arabic books in our languages section.

sixth form edited.jpg

Sixth Form Centre

The newly-renovated Sixth Form Centre is a hub for students in Years 12 and 13 to study, focus and relax during break and study periods.  The space is specifically designed to elicit creativity and inspire ideas, with group and individual seating and private space to concentrate and reflect, complete with a reading corner and cafe area.


In the belief that students should spend some time of their day outdoors, the school has multiple outdoor areas and playgrounds for the children to enjoy throughout the day. These facilities include seating areas for students to enjoy their meals outdoors, safe playgrounds and more. 


ICS, where every child can thrive!