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Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form at the International Community School. Joining our Sixth Form is a crucial step in your journey to university and beyond, and makes sense for many reasons.

In the Sixth Form at ICS, you will:

• Be welcomed quickly into our warm, strong and supportive community;

• Pursue a personalised programme of study and be taught by teachers who can respond to your particular needs;

• Be taught in small groups where you will experience, through the #themonalisaeffect, fully personalised learning and teaching;

• Choose from a range of interesting and engaging subjects, building on the skills and knowledge you have acquired already, and preparing for your future choices too;

• Develop a range of essential life skills, including teamwork, organisation and time management, and grow your leadership potential too;

• Benefit from expert guidance and advice to assist you with your university and career options and choices;

• Take part in a range of enrichment projects and activities to develop beyond the confines of the classroom.

Key Staff

Mrs Fatima Al Nasser - Head of Key Stage 5 (

Mrs Siran Samman - Universities and Careers Counsellor (

The Sixth Form Curriculum

In the British system, students entering the Sixth Form are commencing what is known as Key Stage 5. This is a two-year programme of study (Years 12 and 13) which will lead to either A Level or BTEC qualifications and will allow you to gain access to universities around the world. A Levels are ‘gold standard’ qualifications, which means they are widely recognised and highly valued by universities across the globe.

Students entering the Sixth Form usually choose three or four subjects. These subjects are studied in much greater depth than at IGCSE level and will give you an excellent foundation for further study at undergraduate level. In many countries, there is significant overlap between the material taught in the final year of A Level qualifications and the first year of a degree-level course at university. In some countries, good A Level results will allow you to join the second year of a degree course, bypassing the first year completely.

We offer a wide range of A Level and BTEC courses so that your programme of study can be personalised to your particular needs and enable you to apply for your chosen university course and pursue your career goals.

Our current suite of subjects is as follows:

Level 3 Programme: A Levels and BTEC L3














  • BTEC Level 3 in SPORT

  • BTEC Level 3 in TRAVEL & TOURISM

  • BTEC Level 3 in BUSINESS

Intermediate Level 2 courses (equivalent to IGCSEs)

  • IGCSE First Language English

  • IGCSE Mathematics

  • BTEC Level 2 Certificate in HOSPITALITY

  • BTEC Level 2 Certificate in TRAVEL AND TOURISM

  • BTEC Level 2 Certificate in BUSINESS

  • BTEC Level 2 Certificate in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Independent Learning

Independent learning is an important aspect of life in our Sixth Form. You will have a number of study periods each week, and you are expected to use the library, the ICT facilities and the Sixth Form Study Area responsibly to complete your independent study. The ability to show initiative and work independently is equally essential in the worlds of work and higher education today.

Pastoral Care

The transition into the Sixth Form is more than simply becoming a year older. As a student in Year 12, you are moving closer to leaving full-time education and will have already begun to think about the choices ahead of you, be they in relation to university or the world of work beyond. You will work closely with your Form Tutor and with the Head of Sixth Form, who will guide you at each and every step; and, informally, support and guidance are never far away, due to the warm and positive relationships that exist between staff and students at ICS. In addition, our dedicated University and Careers Counsellor will offer support and guidance throughout your time in the Sixth Form, and will support you with your university applications, both in the UK and throughout the world.

Progress Reviews

Every student at ICS will be involved in regular reviews of the achievement and progress, which are closely monitored by their subject teachers, the Head of Sixth Form and school leaders. You will receive regular feedback and academic reports, as well as individual interviews with your Form Tutor and the Head of Sixth Form at various times of the year to discuss your progress. The monitoring process will help the school to identify any difficulties early and offer advice. Your parents will be invited to discuss your progress at our regular Parent Teacher Consultations, but there is no reason to wait for these, as appointments can also be scheduled at any time of the year. We want you to enjoy your time in the Sixth Form, and seek to address any issues before they have any effect on your achievement, progress or wellbeing.

A Level Entry Requirements

In order to study a full programme of  A-Level courses, you will need to achieve at least 5 GCSE or IGCSE passes at Grade C and above (or the equivalent, if you are joining us from a non-IGCSE school). Where possible, it is highly recommended that you choose subjects in which you have obtained good grades at IGCSE (see individual course descriptions for further information). Indeed, it is expected that you should have a Grade B or higher in a related subject at (I)GCSE in order to study a subject at A Level.

Some of you may wish to take additional IGCSE examinations alongside your other Sixth Form courses, either as a new course or as a re-sit, and the opportunity to do so will be subject to availability.

Most A Level subjects follow a linear programme, with examinations at the end of Year 13 only. However, there are some courses that still follow a modular A Level programme, with formal examinations at the end of Year 12 (AS) and Year 13 (A2), both sets of exams counting towards the final A Level grade. The format of each course is clearly listed in the course descriptions in the following pages.

Students usually choose a maximum of four A Level subjects in Year 12.  In Year 13, most students will pursue three of the original four subjects (and in exceptional cases, can continue with all four subjects). It is the final grades for these three subjects that will facilitate entry to chosen courses at undergraduate level. The range of passing grades awarded for A Level courses is A*-E.

BTEC Courses

For students who do not meet the requirements to follow a full A Level programme, ICS offers a range of BTEC subjects. These courses are more vocational in nature and are assessed through a number of pieces of coursework completed throughout the year. There are no exams for BTEC courses and, therefore, they are very well suited to students who prefer ongoing assessments to terminal examinations.

ICS offers two levels of BTEC course: Level 3 courses are equivalent to either a full A Level (if followed as a two-year course) or an AS Level (if followed as a one-year course); and Level 2 courses are equivalent to an (I)GCSE qualification.

BTEC courses are graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction, and many universities accept BTEC qualifications in place of A Levels for many courses.

Tawjihi Equivalency

For students who wish to gain their Tawjihi qualification, ICS programmes of study enable students to follow either the literary stream or the scientific stream. Many of our students have successfully obtained their Tawjihi qualification whilst studying with us.

What will happen after the Sixth Form?

To move on to university, you will usually require good grades in 3 A Level subjects, although university placements and entry requirements will vary. It is essential that you research your chosen institutions and courses carefully, and our Universities and Careers Counsellor will help with this at every stage. Universities will make conditional, and sometimes unconditional, offers to students, but entry will often be dependent on whether you achieve the grades specified by the individual universities.

What you make of it

We want you to enjoy your time at ICS and to take away with you a wealth of academic and  extracurricular skills. Our Year 12 and 13 students throw themselves into every aspect of life at ICS, from sporting to academic, from creative to community, and everything else in between. Indeed, we will expect you to contribute to the school community, acting as a role model to younger students and contributing to the success of the whole school. You will be encouraged to get involved and to find your niche in the school. We will provide opportunities for your involvement, but it is what you put into this that will make a thriving Sixth Form.

You could participate in helping to run House events, be involved with helping younger students through peer mentoring or take on supervision responsibilities. Perhaps you will choose to develop your leadership skills through our Student Voice programme, supporting local charities or organising social events for your other students in the school. Or maybe you would like to captain a sports team, take a leading role in a school production, or join our MUN or World Scholar’s Cup squads. The opportunities are endless.

However you choose to do so, your contribution to life in our Sixth Form will be recognised in the application process when you move into either higher education or employment.

We are proud of the warm and strong working relationship between our students and teachers, and there is every opportunity for you to excel within the Sixth Form community at ICS.

A final word

As an individual growing up in an international community, you must be prepared to become actively involved in your own education and future. Your teachers, in cooperation with your parents, can give you a wealth of advice and knowledge, but you will need actively to participate in everything that ICS has to offer, and this drive, motivation and commitment must come from you. If you are prepared to participate fully and embrace everything we have to offer, you can look forward to a happy and successful time here. We look forward to welcoming you as you embark on the next stage of your education.