Music | International Community School – ICS


The Music Department

The Music department at ICS has two dedicated Music classrooms as well as additional rehearsal spaces. The primary classroom is a large space that can also be used for informal performances. It is a well-resourced space which has a variety of instruments such as typical classroom percussion such as handbells, glockenspiels, maraccas and tambourines to djembe drums. In addition to this there is an electric piano, a drum kit and 12 keyboards. 

The secondary music classroom is also a large space that also has an instrument store and two practice rooms adjoining the main teaching space. One practice room has an electric piano in where the other has an electric drum kit. It is a well resourced classroom boasting 11 yamaha keyboards, 3 yamaha drum pads, 1 yamaha drum kit, 1 yamaha electric piano, 2 electric guitars, 4 electro-acoustic guitars, 15 ukulele’s and 2 acoustic guitars as well as classroom percussion such as glockenspiels, claves, tambourines and djembe drums. As well as classroom lessons, the secondary music classroom is also used for performances such as key stage 4 recitals.

In addition to the main teaching room in the secondary block, there is also an ensemble rehearsal room which has an acoustic upright piano and a drum kit. This area is used by students during lessons and break times and for piano lessons after school.  We also a larger rehearsal space which has a drum kit in it, used during class Music lessons and for after school drum lessons. This space is also used by the P.E. department for dance lessons.

As well as the Music classrooms and rehearsal spaces, ICS has a multi-purpose hall (MPH) that provides the school with options for other performances. The MPH boasts a PA system with two radio microphones as well as a Steinberg baby grand piano. 

The Drama studio doubles as a performance space as it boasts a sound booth and stage lighting.

ICS is always looking to develop its facilities for the performance arts and grand plans for a fully set up, 500 seater professional theatre are in motion which will launch ICS' Arts programmes into the stratosphere.