Medical Suite | International Community School – ICS

Medical Suite

The Medical Centre works on a daily basis to improve students’ health. An experienced full-time nurse is available at all times during school hours as well as after-school sports activities. A doctor is also present 6 hours a week throughout different days. They attend all emergencies at the school and also advise the school personnel and take appointments with specialist doctors when needed.

Yearly examinations of height and weight are conducted on all students in order to follow-up and keep records of their growth process, as well as hair and vision check-ups. These records are important as they help us identify which students require special attention.

We always follow appropriate procedures when a student is sick or has had an accident; the student is treated at the centre or sent to the hospital, depending on the situation. Parents are informed and advised on how to proceed over the following days. Parents are always welcome at our medical centre if they want to discuss certain medical issues their children may be facing, in the full knowledge that all conversations are confidential.