The Cafeteria | International Community School – ICS

The Cafeteria

The cafateria at ICS is not just a place to eat lunch! This is where the classroom discussions are continued and where friendships are built!

The cafeteria offers a wide range of food lists that are revised monthly to ensure the provision of healthy balanced and nutritious meals. The food is freshly cooked and prepared each day; this includes daily cooked hot meals, freshly prepared sandwiches, freshly prepared variety of salads, freshly baked pastries, and, fresh fruits. 

We can serve up to 200 persons in our cafeteria. Outside normal school hours, the cafeteria can be utilised by the students, their parents or staff for their private events. 

The food served at the ICS Cafeteria is provided by a third part supplier (Loyalty Support Services) under the ICS management and supervision to ensure the highest quality of all available food and drinks. The supplying company is the food supplier to several large establishments in Jordan, such as the army, private s chools and multinational companies.